Erifi medallion with garlic and pepper by Enachos

June 27, 2015
A soft goat’s cheese from Fthiotida joins the ranks of great Greek delicacies.

Enachos, now based in Grammeni in Fthiotida, on the outskirts of Lamia, has been making cheese for 60 years.  They make a great POP barrel feta and two other distinct product lines: yellow cheeses called Roumeli and the Erifi line of goat cheeses. I tried the Erifi medallion with garlic and pepper and I loved the soft texture, the full flavour and good mix of cheese, garlic, pepper and turmeric.  This cheese is also made from local goat’s milk and has 19% fat.

The combination of flavours might sound a little heavy but it’s actually really good and can be used in salads or enjoyed with spirits, wine or beer.

Ellinika Kaloudia, Chatzichristou 8, Acropolis, tel: +30 210 9224060
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