Grilled Florina peppers by Think Green

July 21, 2015
Florina peppers are a great snack with your ouzo but they can also add character to a number of your favourite recipes.

Think Green uses long organic peppers, grills them evenly for a few minutes on each side and then takes off the blackened flesh by hand. The peppers are then packaged in olive oil, garlic, parsley and vinegar, producing a gorgeous sweet and sour snack.

Think Green is yet another company from Northern Greece, Thessaloniki in this case, that has invested in organic products of great nutritional and gastronomic value.  Apart from a great snack with ouzo or tsipouro, it is a great addition to pasta, sweet and sour chicken or even a homemade pizza with peppers and onion.

Ellinika Kaloudia, Chatzichristou 8, Acropolis, tel: +30 210 9224060

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