Ladotyri from Mytilene and Galaktokomiki Lesvou

June 28, 2015
Lesvos is a little gastronomic paradise with many notable products, including olive oil, sardines, ouzo and cheese among others.

Ladotyri is the most well known cheese produced in Lesvos; it combines the island’s traditions with great flavour and is the only POP product made there. It’s a hard cheese from local ewe’s milk stored in olive oil, which is an ancient tradition and the origin of its name. Ladotyri from Galaktokomiki Lesvou is also served as part of the ‘Greek breakfast’ initiative in local hotels.

Just as aromatic as you’d want but also spicy and salty, it is great with ouzo or as part of a classic Mytilene sfougato (a local frittata with eggs and courgettes), gozleme, stuffed courgette flowers etc. I tried it with bruschetta and beetroot slices and really enjoyed the combination of saltiness with a bit of sweetness and spice.

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