Santorini sundried cherry tomatoes from Enosi Sineterismon Santorinis (Santorini Co-Op)

July 22, 2015
Santorini is a very special place that combines a unique geomorphology, climate and historical past.

The attributes mentioned above have made Santorini a unique travel destination but in recent years its gastronomical value has also risen substantially. Santorini products include fava beans, wine, cherry tomatoes and capers. The PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Santo cherry tomatoes from the local co-op have gained an international reputation. In this case they’re sundried for 3 days and then packaged in extra virgin olive oil.  The dry and volcanic island soil gives the tomato a sweet flavour with a sharp aftertaste, which moves it into umami territory.

You can enjoy them on their own, with tsipouro or add them to a number of dishes like pizza, pasta, salads, meat, chicken, meatballs etc. My favourite recipe is al dente pasta with garlic, sundried tomatoes and capers.

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