Smoked sardine fillets by Stella Mare

June 29, 2015
Smoked sardine fillets for enjoying with a glass of ouzo on a warm summer night.

This delicacy hails from Marathopoli (near Gargaliani) in the Messinia region and is produced by Stella Mare, a company which has been in business for 10 years.  The Terizaki family has created a state-of-the art fish processing unit, specialising in filleting whitebait and sardines. Their technical knowledge in conjunction with ideal fishing conditions are evident in the end result.  The sardine is velvety and has the distinct salty flavour you’d expect from forage fish which, combined with the smoking process and the garlic, produces a really tasty summer meze.

The sardine fillets are stored in olive oil and sold in some very pretty and practical packaging.  Details matter you know!

Ellinika Kaloudia, Chatzichristou 8, Acropolis, tel: +30 210 9224060
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