70% thyme honey by Foodscross

November 26, 2015
The new range of FoodsCross honey has 70% thyme pollen and new packaging which further establishes the company as one of the best in the world

FoodsCross was founded by a group of friends of Greek descent who shared a passion for food as nurture and pleasure for both the body and mind. They invested in their inquisitive nature, in their staff and in the love for food which is real, tasty and healthy. 

I wrote about FoodsCross in some detail about five months ago when I elaborated on their philosophy and products.  A few days ago I was sent another little gem in the form of a new line of honey. Their thyme honey this year has a 70% thyme pollen count and was packaged in a beautiful 250gr jar. 

It has that strong thyme smell you encounter in the Greek countryside, a velvety and clear texture with a soft and spicy long aftertaste.

Eperotissa, 32 Varis avenue, Voula

Tel: 210 8953929

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